Matt Tong

First thing that I’d like to state is that, this post is not so much of a hate speech compared to the Steve Aoki review that I wrote about a year ago. No, this is more about the coming of my acceptance of Jakarta.

And a review of November 21st 2009 Matt Tong DJ Set in Barcode, Jakarta. Read the rest of this entry »


I love all Monash’s band especially Crossing Boundaries, Freeloaders INC., and Hangover Cure.
I love Khottal so much, they should’ve been headlining instead of being placed in the Nokia booth.

All in all, I love the awesome In Case God Fails band members :).


February 18, 2009

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Yes yes, he’ll be coming to Kuala Lumpur on February 28th, together with Masatoshi Uemura, together they are known as an act called Off The Rocker. Joining them are the lovely boys of LAPSAP. And new semester starts on March 2nd, what a great way to start a new one.


Burst Burst!

February 9, 2009

Hey peeps, it’s been a while since my last entry, this blogging stuff been really an on and off thingie for me. But uh, right now I’m feeling like writing a post to this beloved blog. Read the rest of this entry »

Math and Music

January 11, 2009


Hello there, it’s been a while since my last post and I’ve been missing too many things that are so good to be blogged. Procrastination reigned over everything.

Happy new year! Happy birthday mom and friends!

Last weekend my friends and I went to Haris’ birthday bash at Urban Lounge. It was an awesome night, Haris’ managed to open a couple of bottles for us to get drunk with. There were Ncek, Jidat, Angie, Iib, Haris himself, Kakek, Bram, Kemi, Zaki, Laren, Arif, and couple of Haris’ friends which I couldn’t really get their names when we introduced ourselves inside the club. Saying your names in a club is  pointless, you shake hand, my name is something that you couldn’t really hear, in turn you pretend to listen to his/her name, you nod, you smile, and then you go ask your friend what was that guy’s/girl’s name again. Or you can ask names after the party had ended. Or if you’re still too drunk to remember shit, there is always the day after.

The plan was, we will drink moderately, no one would get drunk, and will go home at maximum one o’ clock. Moderate drinking wasn’t printed on a bottle of free Chivas, neither on a free Absolut Vodka. The continuous ritual of rushing alcohol into your mouth went with bangs of electro house and dances past one o’ clock.

I liked the venue. It was my first time being there. It wasn’t so much of a big club, it  resembles much more like a bar or a lounge with a dancefloor. Reminds me of Zouk’s Loft when it was still around, if you ask me. The DJ is alright I guess. I remembered he played Cut Copy’s Hearts on Fire, Soulwax’s NY Excuse, and other electro stuffs. The crowd was awesome either, in the middle of drunken-ness I accidentally dropped my phone and someone picked it up and return it to me. Unfortunately, my head wasn’t really working the way its supposed to be, so he gave it to my bro. Not bad man, not bad.

And then Haris puked. Kakek puked with his hand trying to cover his mouth and put back all the puke to his mouth. I ran to the toilet and puked. I came back to sit on the sofa and puked again. Angie went to toilet and puked. Somewhere in between, I guess Haris puked again. I puked. Then, someone were massaging the back of my neck, gave me a bucket to puke on, somebody gave me a slice of lime for me to eat, water to drink, and then I puked again. Someone tried to start a civilized conversation with me, are you alright man? Do you still wanna puke? Do you wanna go to the toilet? We should do this again back in KL man, for sure. The only reply that I made was, of course, puking. It was all puke puke puke all over the place. Talking about hittin’ the jackpot and brotherly love.

But me loved that night very much, thank you Haris. Thanks for all the drinks and fun get together time we’ve had there. Do it again sometime soon.

Songs of the day:

Friendly Fire – Paris

Van She – Changes (G.L.O.V.E.S remix)

The Black Ghosts – Repetition Kills You (RAC remix)

New Generation of Rockstars

December 11, 2008

Ever wondered where are all the new generation rockstars have gone? Along with their hippies, drugs, hardcore crowds, and what-nots? They’ve become DJ’s. Read the rest of this entry »